About Natitingou Benin

The Internet site DOMAIN for Natitingou Benin is part of 100 specific locations abroad chosen by seasoned travelers as the best places to live overseas, or hangout for one-three months.

There are 100 Different Web Sites
People that join our network of foreigner travel community sites have access to all 100 sites, And we hope you choose to become an active member to up to 10 locations. The goal is to allow you to learn about them before you make up your mind as to which ones are best for you, or your family as a location to live, hangout, or retire abroad.

Our Mission is to help find all the stores and services needed by a person or couple wanting to live for extended periods of time in these location. The normal housing budget is approximately 200-400 U.S. Dollars per month, this is our primary focus.

Andy Lee Graham from Orland, Indiana in the USA, is a perpetual world traveler, and travel writer and started HoboTraveler.com 12 years ago in 2000, this the parent site. Andrew Suares is a partner and head coder.

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