Border Crossing Kande Nadoba Togo To Boukoumbe Natitingou Benin

How to cross from Togo to Benin at the Nadoba / Boukoumbe Border.

Border Crossing Kande Nadoba Togo -- Boukoumbe Natitingou Benin

Today is February 9, 2013 and I will leave the village of Kande, Togo and go 22 Kilometers to Nadoba, Togo. As best I understand, just on the other side of the village of Nadoba, Togo border, is the village of Boukombe, Benin. They are more or less the same city, on top of the border, but I am not positive how far apart. (Border crossing change by date or year.)

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Exit Stamp from Togo
I received my exit stamp from the
COMMISSARIAT DE POLICE - Kante, there was no cost, and I got it on February 8, 2013, a day before I was actually to leave Togo, it was easy. I paid a Moto Taxi 100 Francs to take me there, and could not be bothered to find it on foot. I have stayed three nights at the exceptional Auberge la Cloche ran by Monsieur English and his wife Veronica - I did not spell his name correct.

The cost of the Auberge la Cloche room was six dollars US, or 3000 Francs, the Moto told me 3500, but Veronica seem to feel guilty, and lowered. My Moto David who brought me here, was not an honest kid, wanted 12,000 Frank for the 3000-4000 Francs ride to Nadoba. The cost from the gas station to the Auberge is 150-200 Fran.

The cost of a Moto is as low as 2500 Franc from Kende to Nadoba, (Motorcycle Taxi.) I am planning to pay 3500, just to keep the driver happier, and less resentful, maybe I pay tips to stop to take photos. Note, getting change is really hard, having small coins is a job, really need to collect, and build up a stash before you arrive in Kante. The city has two names, the map says Kande, but all the government building says Kante.

If you need to take a car to Nadoba on a non market day, you can commission a private one for between 7000 and 15,000 Franc, everyone says a car is very slow. This would be excellent if there were more than one person, so normal, as 90 percent of tourists in Togo are couples. But as best I can tell, 90 percent of tourists in Togo are driving their own car, some super expensive 4-wheel drive one, way over the edge of what you truly need.

Little small five seated taxi cars are going most places in Africa, this over the edge big 4-wheel drive is nice, but an expensive option. I am thinking of buying the smallest AC car possible in Europe, and driving from Spain to South Africa. I would put a winch on the front to pull me out of the sand. Driving a car is conveniently complicated, not what I recommend for Africa, really ties you to the car, and the car owns you. A motorcycle is the best option, if you really refuse to ride with the locals in public transport.

On Wednesday is market day in Nadoba, so you can get a car on that day easy I think for 800-1200 Fran. 2-3 dollars for the 22 kilometer, one hour trip.

There are the Somba, Tata Houses along the way.

I do not know if I will have Togocel Cle Internet access in Nadoba, and it is tempting to stay in the village for a night.

All in all, the Information I have read on the Internet is tourist grade information, the prices are inflated, and the information is old, or not dated. Generally this seems rather strait forward.

As best I can figure, a person from Togo can go all the way to Natitingou, probably sleep there, visit, and return without ever getting a visa. I do not recommend that, as it is illegal, and you could be forced to pay a huge bribe.

I do believe many people go to Boukoumbe. Benin without getting a Visa, but who knows, I will know better tomorrow.

I was telling my mother,
“I am going to a National Geographic area.”
Oops, I may be wrong.

This is NOT off the tourist grid, it is a tourist destination.

The Lonely Planet instantly tags this area as the tourist spot of Togo, therefore there are many people coming here. It is more tourists oriented than Kara, or Atakpame, but I have not seen the Rasta idiots.

Rastas are only worn by beggars or bums in most of Africa, but many boys where them, well not real Rasta, because the bums have the real matted type. But boys braid their hair to appeal to the White girls as authentic Africa, which is the last thing they are, they are fake a possible, nothing real African about them.

So all in all, the village of Kande is great, the market yesterday was really special. They have every type of building possible for the market. There is drinking of the millet beer, round clay, it is rolling hills, with a small mountain behind the market, and the clothing is colorful.

Truly one of the better markets for Togo, and peaceful, I do not think many tourists go there. I was at the Boukombe, Benin market a few years ago, and it was more aggressive, as the locals were begging me for money for the Tchoucoutou beer.

Tchoucoutou Beer is a Tourist Attraction
Most of the white people want to celebrate the Tchoucoutou beer the locals are drinking. It is n Kara on every corner, and in the Market at Kante, is peaceful drinking.

It will be fun to enter Nadoba and see how many Motos or people want to take me on tourist of the Tata building.

I am weak on Tourism, and I absolutely hate to talk to the people who want to tour guides some of the slimy people on the planet, more or less used cars sales of tourism, Seldom do they have knowledge, but can push to make a sell. I normally pass the opportunity all together.
I may go all the way to Natitingou and return without a big backpack, it is all easy enough on a Motorcycle taxi.

Generally in heavy tourists areas crime is 5-10 times more, so in a way, Boukombe is one of the more slippery places to live in Benin, or Togo.

West Africa is insanely safe, unless you talk with the Rasta boys, or are in place where people want to show you tourist stuff. This would be the Voodoo stuff, and the Tchoucoutou beer, or the Somba Tata houses in Togo.

I should have zero problems, and this is safe enough for my very naïve mother and father from Indiana, but the Motorcycle is a problem for them.

I will explain the trip, with YouTube videos after the ride to Benin, today.

Note, I was on the back of a Moto going for a long ride near Atakpame, Togo and we hit a pig, wrecked the moto, and I have a scar. Animals are really dangerous for Motos, if you see them, force the driver to slow down, as they just are asleep. (The drivers.)

Andy Graham in the Auberge la Cloche
4:15 am
Kande / Kante Togo
February 9, 2013

Photos Border Crossing Kande Nadoba Togo To Boukoumbe Natitingou Benin

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