Travel To Nadoba Togo Boukoumbe Benin Border

Travel To Nadoba Togo, and soon to cross into Benin 2013.

Travel to Nadoba Togo Boukoumbe Benin Border

Today is February 3, 2012, and soon I will cross from Nadoba, Togo to Boukoumbe, Benin on about February 10, 2013. At the Benin, Consulate in Lome, Togo the lady put Boukoumbe as my border crossing, not sure why she felt the need to designate which border. Although this is good for about 98 percent of traveler, I am the 1 in 50 who never follows an itinery. I am in constant wing-it mode, looking for the best paths, not a hard coded path.

I am in Kara, Togo with a final rest for a couple of weeks in Natitingou, Benin, one of my favorite cities on the planet.

Togo BEnin border map

This is how I make decisions, when in Lome; I made the decision to go to Atakpame. While in Atakpame, I made the decision to go to Kara, but Kande would have been closer to this border. Now, I have two choices, the easier border crossing is probably Djouguou, but I am on a quest to find more remote places, so I am going to attempt the Nadoba, Togo to Boukoumbe, Benin Border crossing and see what happens. I have yet to find a clear explanation where I am supposed to get my entering and leaving stamps. The travelers and guidebooks are extremely non-committal on what to do, in way they refuse to make the hard travel decisions writing.

I will try to find an exit stamp place here in Kara, and if not in Kande, and if not, in Nadoba, I must do backup upon backup, with the hope someone tells me clearly how to get the Togo, exit stamp

View Border Crossing Nadoba Togo Boukoumbé in a larger map .

Do not worry, I will leave Togo, and enter Benin, it is just trying to save on backward paths, or tempting Border guards to ask for a bribe. I was on a 2005 Virtual tourist Blog page, and the man did not get a Togo stamp, but the Benin people allowed him to enter.

This is a little to lackadaisical for me, I generally do not try to tempt fate, while most traveler wonder more than me in reality. I make sure I obey the rules of the countries; I do not allow the country to put me between a rock and a hard place.

I have only been an “Illegal Alien” for 2 days of my life, that label is one of the more dangerous ones on the planet. (2 days in Thailand.)

So as it stands now, I will head for Kande, then try to sleep in Nadoba, then wake up and cross into Benin with the early morning people who use their brains. And maybe I will stop at Boukoumbe for the Benin, Stamp, someone along the way will normally tell me something clear about exit visa and entry visa stamps.

I have been to Boukoumbe before, and not a special town, all the white people were in save the locals; get drunk on the local moonshine called tchoukoutou mode. The wanky Peace Corps girl I met who was living in a luxury house in Boukoumbe was talking way too much about drinking tchoukoutou, and less about being a responsible human.

There is a lot of tchoukoutou drinking in the Kabye ethnic areas; there is a corner area of drinking in the market here in Kara. My old girlfriend Brune would drink with her mother in father in Atakpame, I would say to her,
“You have the tchoukoutou smile.”

Generally, drinking causes the locals to be more aggressive, and brave a man in Boukoumbe through a rock at me last time, because I refused to give his drunken butt money.

But, the city does have the Tata houses, sort of clay castles, and are nice, And this time, I have my camera spy glasses this time, which I hope allows me to film, photo, with the least amount of listening to Togo or Benin people scream about photos.

Truly to be confronted on a regular basis in West Africa for being a tourists and talking photos is not fun. If the governments had any idea, the would do something about this, because it doe annoy, and I am sure is dangerous when the tourist takes photo in the wrong ways. The locals come up and try to extort money, I normally give them zero, and it just encourages violence.

If they are violent, then foreigners give money, so they become increasing violent, and more money, it is crap tourism strategy.

Well, I will enter somewhere, my bigger worry is Internet, I am spoiled, I have a Togocel USB modem, and I should have good internet access up until I leave Togo.

The I am on time delay, until I hope in Natitingou to find what I think is a Moov Internet key. Generally, I will not hang around in any city on the planet without Internet access; I am addicted to the wikipedia answer my question stuff as a traveler, being in the dark is no longer fun.

It is fun to travel with the Internet world of information at my fingertips, and as strange as it gets, Africa now has better Internet access than most other countries on the planet.

I am in Kara, Togo going towards Natitingou, Benin by public transport, fully aware that 99 percent of people that cross these borders do so in a car. I am using public transport.

Or they illegally cross with a girlfriend or boyfriend for the day. I have heard many people say,
“I crossed with a moto for the day.”

The Peace Corps girls leave out they was shagging a local boy, and he took them across. And most of the men are on the Cadeau girl’s heavy, or a long-term girl, not really free range travel.

Independent travelers like me are rare here in Africa, and backpacker, walking or taking buses are super rare.

But, I can roam freely around West Africa now that I speak French good enough to push my way through. I do not know when it finally came to my attention, that West Africa is one the safest places on the planet to travel. I think the only way to get robbed is to volunteer, and then you get robbed by the new friends, or people who helped you to volunteer. I suppose staying too long in one city, and looking too stupid will get your robbed.

There are 5 girls here in Africa, for every 1 man, so this place is a girl traveled place, more than men.

Andy Graham in Kara, Togo February 03, 2013

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5 White girls for every white man, and they are not hotties.


Greetings one and all,

Wow! Today here it is Super Dooper Bowl day. I would much rather be traveling somewhere.

Andy, I enjoy your posts but could you give us some info on where you stay at what cost, etc.
It doesnt have to be a page full a small list maybe? Or not.
Or is that somewhere else here?

I like many (I will assume many which may make me the ass?) want to know the best places to stay and where the locals eat that is good in general.

Thank you.


I think if you watch the videos you will see the rooms, they are show up daily on the travel blog link. Videos explains rooms better than words.

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