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I love Natitingou, Benin, and I cannot wait to return. Andy Graham

oops 2013, typing error - I am excited, I am in Kende, Togo right now.

I will be in Natitingou in February 2012, with 75,000 plus people, at 500 meters elevation, this is a prime place to stay for a month. Andy Graham

I think if you watch the videos you will see the rooms, they are show up daily on the travel blog link. Videos explains rooms better than words.

Greetings one and all,

Wow! Today here it is Super Dooper Bowl day. I would much rather be traveling somewhere.

Andy, I enjoy your posts but could you give us some info on where you stay at what cost, etc.
It doesnt have to be a page full a small list maybe? Or not.
Or is that somewhere else here?

I like many (I will assume many which may make me the ass?) want to know the best places to stay and where the locals eat that is good in general.

Thank you.

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5 girls for every man? Well lets sss photos of five hotties then! The ones I have seen so far dont compare favorably to the Dominicanas...